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Why is the thermos icon missing from my remote?
A: Remove the batteries from the hand set. Hold the thermostat button down while replacing the batteries. The icon function will be restored.

My remote is not working and I changed the batteries in the remote?
A: Did you change the batteries in the receiver? The batteries need to be changed in both. We recommend using Duracell and not using rechargeable batteries.

How often does my stove need to be serviced?
A: All manufactures recommend that service should be done once a year by a certified technician to keep the stove tuned up and running correctly. This also protects your warranty on your unit.

I see smoke coming out of my stove into my home, what is happening?
A: Have you checked your chimney cap and see if the air is able to move through freely? When was your annual service? Have you checked your gaskets on the door and glass?

What should I know about hiring a service tech? Who can take care of the warranty claims?
A: It is always best to call the service department of the store that you purchased from. Warranty work MUST be done by the place where you bought from. When looking for a service tech it is best to go through the store of purchase because they will provide techs who are factory trained to do repairs, they are insured and knowledgeable of your product.

How many years will my stove last?
A: The average life of the stove is 18-20 years on average. The EPA standards change, as well as models are retired. This makes getting replacement parts for older models very hard to come by. As time goes on, stoves become more efficient and cleaner burning.

How do I light the pilot on my stove?
A: we have videos on our website to assist you. It is a free service of PG&E as well. If you have a tech come to your home to light your pilot, there is a charge for the service. We always recommend that this is the best time for an annual service to be done.

Why is my stove turning off while running in IPI?
A: IPI doesn’t always work well for some areas. We would recommend shutting down the unit and running it in CPI mode. This will prevent cold flue issues and keep the air moving in proper direction.

My Pellet stove is not feeding. Why is this happening?
A: This can happen for many reasons. Are there pellets in the hopper? The firebox draft may be too low for the sencer switch in the feeder circuit to operate. Also, check if the hopper lid is completely closed. Make sure that there is not anything obstructing the hopper and feeder by removing all of the pellets. If all of these things have been done, the feeder motor may have failed.

I have partially burned pellets. Why is this happening?
A: the feed rate may be too high. There could be a poor air to fuel ratio. The burn pot or heat exchanger may need cleaning.